What exactly is a TestaMint?




1. a person's will, especially the part relating to personal property.

2. something that serves as a sign or evidence of a specified fact, event, or quality.

Stop wasting time & money

EOS delivers the transaction per second (TPS) that is needed for the NFT sector. By using a blockchain where transactions are near instant and fees are non-existent to the end user, TestaMint can focus on activation, authentication, and security.

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Make NFTs that aren't boring

Static pictures with an audio layer aren't going to make you rich and famous. The level has been set very high and will only spike. TM will allow you to create an NFT experience that enhances past creations and level up your existing NFT renders.

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Content is King, distribution is King Kong

You can spin the most clever, creative, impacting NFT ever, but without distribution it's only valuable to you. TM has implemented marketing mechanics to assist you getting your Drop, Drip, Flex out there.

Unique syndication tools

Content syndication to not only your social media channels, but also email, SMS, DMs, Airdrops & more.

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Burn mechanics

One of the most overlooked NFT mechanics thus far. Invoke a token burn based on actions, time, proximity, consumption. Drive scarcity with flash sales where all NFTs that aren't sold are burned.

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Convert analog items to digital

Utilize our patent pending technology to add NFC to tangible items and append an NFT to it.

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Templates to guide and inspire you

3D assets including AR, VR, XR and metaverse assets

2D assets can be everything from photography, traditional art, in-game assets, legal docs

Unique encrypted Proof of Authenticity certificates

Jewelry that features our patent pending NFC technology to pair tangible items to the blockchain

Make a TestaMint to your creativity with us

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